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Tuning trim/add to EFHW antenna? Jul 10th 2020, 08:51 2 1,062 on 12/7/20
Mixed mode WAS? Dec 11th 2018, 16:14 3 3,204 on 21/12/18

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Tuning trim/add to EFHW antenna? K4JUL on 10/7/20
I have a 40m EFHW antenna that works well considering all things. It's routed up a cedar pole, over a roof (w/18" stand-off), and over to a cherry tree ... the HOA cops haven't spotted it yet!

The SWR min is coming in lower than the design (the route and proximity issues detune the antenna). I'm just using the built in SWR meter in my ICOM IC-7100, FYI. Close 'nuf.

Is there a way to calculate how much antenna wire I need to add or subtract if I know the difference in frequency and what direction the SWR minimum needs to go to be optimal?

Thanks ... been around for awhile but still a newb..

Mixed mode WAS? K4JUL on 21/12/18
Thank you! My end fed half wave wire, mounted over my house in my neighborhood, is not the best for phone .... not impossible, but not very good. Digital seems best for my situation.
Mixed mode WAS? K4JUL on 11/12/18
Probably asked before ... so forgive me for not finding it.

I'm in a high-CC&Rs neighborhood and just installed my first HF antenna ... 18 ga end fed half wave wire. I can hear the whole western side of the United States (I'm in Idaho) using SSB... but folks on the east coast are very very faint and no QSO possible - yet? In any case, can I use whatever I must in order to work each state? Phone for Colorado ... FT-8 for Florida? Or if I have to use FT-8 for Florida, should I then use FT-8 for the other 49 states?


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