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New to Ham Radio WoodguyCO on 14/10/17
First off let me be upfront I am new to this ham radio stuff, so I freely admit most of these questions are dumb as hell, but I don't how else to find out what I need to know. Sorry about that.
I am going to be traveling by rv for several months to and from Alaska and cell service is not a sure bet, and I have 90+yr old parents who need to be checked on.

So my first question what is the best way to check on them using ham radio? My first thought was to contact ham radio operators in our parents home town and ask them to place a HW phone call. That then leads me ask what mode is best HF or UHF/VHF, Echolink and IRLP may be available on some repeaters. I am having difficulty determining if I can talk directly to my parents through Echolink or IRLP or do I have to go through another ham operator to check on the parents.

Depending on the answers to the above questions come the questions about equipment, and portal antennas. Obviously I can't take a fully equipped ham shack ( well I could but I would have to leave the wife at home then who would cook) I am currently thinking that a radio similar to the FT857ND or FT817 might work.

What regs do I have to be aware of when working the ham radio in Canada?

I hope all of the Elmers out there can shed some light on these questions.
Thanks for the help.


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