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FM/WFM Questions jeffrymcgee on 29/4/20
Just to wrap this thread up, I set my repeater settings on my VX-6R back to FM from WFM and that cleared up the noise. I also checked-in to the local ARES repeater 20 miles away and was heard clearly. So, problem solved. A big shout out goes to W1VT who pointed me to my radio's user manual, which I've read numerous times but missed page 105 for some reason. Thank you! 73
FM/WFM Questions jeffrymcgee on 28/4/20
W1VT, thank you for your reply. I think you've answered my question.
FM/WFM Questions jeffrymcgee on 28/4/20
I want to follow-up on my original post. I was able to check-in on two nets last night. The first check-in was on the repeater 17 miles away and the second check-in was on the repeater 20 miles away. Both nets heard me clearly the first time I called in. I'll try a different net tonight on the repeater that's 24 miles away a see what happens.

I'm still getting a lot of noise and am constantly adjusting my squelch, but if I can get out okay, that's the most important thing.
FM/WFM Questions jeffrymcgee on 27/4/20
I looked up the repeaters in my area in the Repeater Book and programmed my Yaesu VX-6R HT. I could receive clear conversations on repeaters as far away as 50 miles. I could transmit on repeaters 17, 20, and 24 miles away from my backyard and I received feedback that I could be heard clearly. All of this was done with the repeaters set to FM (narrow band) in my HT. My volume was set at about 25% of the way up.

When I joined my local radio club, they gave me a list of area repeaters, most of them I had already programmed into my HT. See above. I noticed the information I received from my radio club said the repeaters broadcast on WFM (wide band). So I reprogrammed the repeaters in my radio to WFM.

Now a receive a lot of noise when I listen to a conversation. I have to turn the volume up to at least 50% to hear a conversation. Feedback on my transmissions was that I was coming in noisy.

All of the information I've read said I will receive more noise with a WFM setting, but I should be able to hear conversations better on WFM. I'm not finding this to be true.

Could someone please tell me their experience with these settings? Thank you in advance.

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