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Control Operator w/ R/C mounted VTX? Nov 6th 2017, 20:58 6 5,913 on 23/12/17

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Control Operator w/ R/C mounted VTX? jasonbrent on 8/11/17
Ah Ha! Yes, that helps a lot. Thank you!

Control Operator w/ R/C mounted VTX? jasonbrent on 7/11/17
I guess I'm honestly trying to determine the definition of "operate" with respect to a VTX that can basically "travel someplace else" once it begins transmitting.

The VTX is, in effect, completely standalone from that of the Tx/Rx falls under "2.4 GHz (utilizing spread spectrum CFR 47, Part 15)".

Insurance point aside, which is valid, I'm honestly trying to understand how "control operator" fits into this scenario. Let's assume that the other person I hand the Tx for the quad to is a member of the AMA, convered by their insurance, and is technically only operating (as best my viewpoint/opinion goes) the 2.4Ghz portion. The 5.8Ghz video transmission is payload carried on the quadcopter, but is otherwise not "operated" by the pilot of the quad.

Regardless, I appreciate the input!


Control Operator w/ R/C mounted VTX? jasonbrent on 6/11/17
Hello all,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I tried to select the best match...
Newly minted (as of 11/5) general ham here, no callsign yet.. I have a question regarding the control operator in the following scenario:

Remote controlled quadcopter (remote Tx and Rx on the quad are both outside of amateur bands and have proper FCC certifications) with a 25mW analog video transmitter operating in the 5.8Ghz band mounted on the quadcopter.

In this scenario, if I am flying the quad, I've been the one to power it up, I've powered on the video transmitter (vtx), then it is clear to me that I am the control operator of that tx for controlling the quad and the vtx for the video stream (with telemetry data overlayed on top of the video).

However, If I hand the remote control for the quad to another individual, would I still be considered the operator of the VTX? The R/C Transmitter does not have any remote controlling functions for the VTX, just for sending instructions to the RX on the quadcopter itself.

I'm just wondering what the scenario is here and trying to understand if I can allow others to use the equipment assuming I'm the one who powers it on/off, controls the frequencies it transmits on, etc.

Thank you in advance for any advice/pointers!

-j (Jason)

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