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2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) K1AWC on 26/2/19
jimvw57 I didn't change the vertical spacing (which I assumed was the 7" pieces). I just expanded the two squares. I also tried moving the t stubs away from the verticals with the original lengths and I'm pretty sure that my resonant frequency went up. I have yet to put mine on the air. Snow and cold are winning.

2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) K1AWC on 9/2/19
I built this as soon as it came out in QST but my SWR maxed out my little meter at my repeater frequency. When I finally got it on an antenna analyzer, my resonate frequency was 155! 1.2 SWR Since my cube was already too small, I cut 1/2" off each of the 8" legs to see how much "movement" I would get. 3MHz - in the wrong direction (of course). I rebuilt it today by lengthening the 8" pieces to 8.5" and lengthening the 8.5" pieces to 9.5". It resonated at 139-140, 1.1 SWR. I also honed out the T's so they could be adjusted (files and sandpaper). By moving the feed point T's to where there was a 1" gap between the edge of the T and the edge of the 90, my resonant frequency is 146.5 with a SWR of 1.0.
I hope this helps someone out there like the comments already posted helped me.

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