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iCom 2720 Para-Watch feature Jan 26th 2020, 17:55 1 4,391 on 26/1/20

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iCom 2720 Para-Watch feature DCOswald4 on 26/1/20
After owning this rig for six months, I'm still learning the features. One feature that I am wondering about is the ability to hear both "bands" (left and right) at the same time.

This feature works fine, but I want to turn it off. The instruction page on the manual says how to set it up, but not how to disable it. I'd like to use the left band in channels, and use the right band for DXing on 2M. Right now, I just turn the volume up on the band I want to use and down on the other.

Does anyone know how to make it so the audio from the selected band is what comes out the speaker?

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