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Two antennas sharing a common mast Oct 21st 2020, 08:45 2 4,450 on 7/11/20

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Two antennas sharing a common mast ManeL on 21/10/20
Still learning this great hobby, but wanted to ask opinions on mounting two antennas on the same mast. I have spoken to a few folks and views are differing on the subject. I have a multi-band radio with dual antenna inputs. I own a GP-6 vertical antenna mounted on an eave mount to provide me 146 MHz and 446 MHz frequencies. The antenna is clamped on metal mast.

I also want to eventually enjoy HF, so I have a CHV-5X multi band dipole which I will mount either in a V or horizontal position

Ideally, I would like to mount both antennas on the same mast... the vertical up top and the horizontal below. Is this possible? Would there be interference issues even though only one antenna would be in operation at a time. I have a longer mast if spacing needs to be maintained.

Thank you

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