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Yaesu FT-818ND will not transmit with SignaLink Dec 24th 2019, 09:37 2 8,035 on 28/6/20

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Yaesu FT-818ND will not transmit with SignaLink kt1run on 31/12/19
Hi All,

After reading the FT-818 and SignalLink manuals front-to-back multiple times, watching two dozen YouTube videos and pouring over troubleshooting web pages from Google for 2 weeks, I finally found my problem thanks to the guys (Nigel / KI6EYP and Michael / AF6FB) at the Ham Radio Outlet. It looks like I had a faulty SignaLink USB device. After swapping it out with a new one, I can get my FT-818 to transmit.
Yaesu FT-818ND will not transmit with SignaLink kt1run on 24/12/19
Hi All,

I am a new ARRL member and ham trying to get into digital modes. I thought I would start with PSK-31 on 2 meters since I am a Technician.

I have struggled to get my Yaesu FT-818ND to transmit using a SignaLink USB for the past week. I have read the SignaLink USB manual and Yaesu FT-818 manual multiple times and have watched countless Youtube videos with no success. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are the details on how my radio is configured:
1. Front antenna is used with the stock rubber duck antenna. Menu #7 set to "FRONT".
2. The radio is tuned to 144.144 MHz and set to "DIG" mode
3. The SignaLink is plugged into the "DATA" port on the radio
4. Menu #3 9600 MIC set to "50"
5. Menu #25 DIG MIC set to "50"
6. Menu #26 DIG MODE set to "USER-U" (I have also tried PSK31-U)

The SignaLink is configured as follows:
1. Jumpers wired using SLCAB6PM. I checked the wiring multiple times. All wires look correct and they all look seated correctly. Note: I just ordered the jumper module to rule out any wiring issues with manual jumper approach.
2. TX is set to 12 o'clock position
3. RX is set to 12 o'clock position
4. DLY is turned fully counter clockwise.
5. Plugged into computer via USB.

Windows 10 is configured as follows:
1. Playback is using "USB AUDIO CODEC as the default device; Levels > Speakers set to "0.0 dB"; Enhancements > "Disable all enhancements" is checked;
2. Recording is using "USB AUDIO CODEC"; Levels > Line set to "0.0 dB"

DigiPan is configured as follows:
1. Sound card - Type > Computer soundcard; Input > USB AUDIO CODEC; Output > USB AUDIO CODEC; Samplerate, Hz > 11025
2. Volume Mixer is to 100% for the Device and the DigiPan application is set to 50%

From DigiPan, I select Mode > Tune... and the PTT red light turns on, but the radio never switches to transmit (i.e. the radio has a green light). . While I am in "Tune..." the max dB is -27.5 according to the "Digital Level Meter" application.

I am sure I am missing something simple here. Any thoughts on why the Yaesu FT-818ND will not transmit when the SignaLink has the PTT enabled?

Also note, I read the troubleshooting steps in the SignaLink manual under the section "Radio doesn't switch to transmit. The SingaLink's PTT LED is ON" section, but nothing worked.

Thanks in advance!

-Gaston (KT1RUN)

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