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Desense Issue BaoFeng2020 on 16/7/20
Hi, I am a rookie very little radio experience. So of course, I bought a used repeater :) The issue I am having is the repeater works fine within a 1/8 of mile, but beyond that I only hear the repeater kurchunk (nothing is transmitted). I was told this is called desense. The seller of the repeater requested that I send the duplexer back to make sure it was tuned correctly. The seller tested the duplexer and I was told the duplexer was tuned correctly. When the duplexer was sent back, I reinstalled the duplexer and made sure all the connections were correct.

At this point, the repeater will work on occasion (repeater worked well with a very clean signal little over 4 miles out) and then later when I tried I just heard the repeater kurchunk (nothing is transmitted). Then, when I get about 1/8 mile from the house I can hit the repeater again.

There is no real pattern when the repeater works and when it doesn't. I leave the repeater on (don't turn it off at night) and the repeater doesn't appear to be overheating. The antenna is only 40 feet high as the intent was to initially have the repeater just cover the township. Also, the repeater frequencies used are not active frequencies in this area.

Do duplexers go bad and if so is what I am describing a symptom? If not, any ideas on what is wrong?

Thanks again for you time!

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