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Mag Mount Recommenation kj7occ on 6/6/20

I’m new, just had my Tech license for 2+ weeks now. I have a Yaesu FT-70D and it’s been great so far. I replaced the factory duck antenna with a Diamond SRH77CA (Dual band 15”).

I live where HOA rules exist and can’t install an external antenna and since my only radio is an HT, I’m looking to enhance my reach with a Mag Mount in order to move about in the house as well as when relocating to other outside locations. I’ve been getting good reception from many Repeaters as far away as 50 miles but transmitting very inconsistent and impossible on some.

My thinking is to get more gain out of a free standing antenna as well as away from my body and movement of the radio when speaking.

So, I’m looking for feedback on your experiences with Mag Mounts specifically I’m looking at the following:

MFJ 1724B
MFJ 1729
Comet M24
Diamond MR77

and any others folks might recommend.

Thanks in advance.

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