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Single wire end-fed K1CPR on 26/7/23
I would need to know what frequency you are talking about? If by "the entire band range of the radio" you mean 160m - 10m then my question would be, how much room do you have? If you can run a wire 250' you would have a much better antenna on 160m. If not, you will have to make do with the space you have.

If you want a "Random Wire Antenna" us a length of 58ft, 71ft, or 84ft. You will need your tuner for these. However, if you are looking more for a "resonant" length (an antenna of ~121ft will allow you to get on 80-10 with no tuner at all) use an antenna calculator that can be found with a simple google search.
One last attempt to get an answer K1CPR on 26/7/23
If possible, I would orient the radials so they do not go over the roof. I realize that they would not be equidistance apart from one another, but that shouldn't affect the antenna system. If you instead choose to keep them equidistance apart, when the radial gets to the edge, I would turn it 90ยบ and run it along the edge of the roof.

Either one of these ideas will keep them from just dangling off the roof. And remember, Amateur Radio is about experimentation... give it a try, and if you think it will be better in a different lay out, then change it.

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