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How to start out mikemyers on 16/12/20
Quote by WB1GCM

I went to buy the book, but it says "no items available"....??
How to start out mikemyers on 16/12/20
Quote by WB1GCM
Hello Mike,

It would be faster if we could talk on the phone: I will be happy to answer your questions. There is no question too simple.
860-594-0210. A good time to catch me on the phone is AT 3 PM, Monday through Friday. I try to stop testing at that time to answer the phone and take care of emails.

Bob Allison

Bob, I tried to call you when I got home, 4pm. No answer. I'll try again tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!!!
How to start out mikemyers on 16/12/20
Oops, double post.
How to start out mikemyers on 16/12/20
Excellent - that is a start!!! Please also tell me what I need to do to get notified when someone responds to something I wrote. I need to select "follow this thread" or whatever the appropriate wording is.

I plan to call you this afternoon. If your time zone is different from EST let me know, and I'll adjust accordingly.

I purchased the Ham Radio License Manual. Need to start reading it. Hopefully it has a chapter for total beginners.

Thank you!!
How to start out mikemyers on 12/12/20
I'm new to all this. I bought the book I need to read and learn, so I can pass the test to get a license. Hope to do that in the next two weeks.

I'm receiving the magazine - but saying I'm "lost" is an understatement. Is there a post here that describes in simple terms what I will need to buy to get involved in ham radio?

Back in the 1970's, I visited the local radio shop, with walls and shelves full of mysterious gear that presumably would allow me to talk to others via ham radio. I didn't know enough to even start to ask what's what.

Photography and cameras I know and understand. Here, I don't even know how to select a basic radio to start with. I know I can't broadcast until I get a license, but I thought I could start out by listening.

Anyway, that's how ignorant I am, as in totally. Maybe there is a post or write-up here the will start to explains that a newcomer can read and understand.

(I think there is a ham radio group in Ft. Laderdale, with wold be a great place to visit, once it's safe to travel. I live in Miami, so it would be a short trip.

Hopefully I'm posting in the right place - no idea what "contesting" means, and also hopefully I will be notified of replies to these questions.

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