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Ron Block on Disconnecting Antennas for Lightning Sep 6th 2022, 09:14 3 3,269 on 7/9/22

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Ron Block on Disconnecting Antennas for Lightning snethej on 7/9/22
Thanks, W1VT! That got me to where I needed to go. I was really interested in data related to a permanent station, but you got me to the note on the bottom page 6.33, which basically says to disconnect everything (from the outside) if you have an inadequate grounding/bonding system. I think that implies to not disconnect with a proper grounding/bonding system. It also brought up another place I need to fix for a proper system. Thanks again!
Ron Block on Disconnecting Antennas for Lightning snethej on 6/9/22
Almost every experienced Ham operator I know disconnects their antennas during a storm (including Steve Ford). I listened to Ron Block on Eclectic Tech #65 and he said to Steve that doing that was a very bad idea. The only place I found that might lead to that conclusion was Chapter 4 of the Grounding and Bonding book (2nd edition) in a note that said a properly designed station, the equipment could be left connected and powered on (noting that you shouldn't be in the room).

Is there a place in the book or online that I missed which discusses you should never disconnect your antennas during a storm? There's lots of info and I have a leaky brain, so it's very possible I missed it.


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