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Broken ARRL account NC1VR on 16/4/24
Hello Vlad

I looked up your records and you still show up correctly on our membership search with all of your credentials, unless this has already been resolved on your account I am not sure what the issue is. I can forward your issue to our IT department if you like.

Digital RF Engineer
IC-M700PRO What are my options? rajens on 5/4/24
A directional antenna may help a bit with the noise though I would first try to evaluate if the noise is coming from a specific source such as a powerline. What does it sound like? I don't think you need a new radio.
Distance between antenna and tower K4DJW on 5/4/24
Common consensus is half wave separation, though we recently modelled this with Eznec and the performance isn't too different at 1/4 wave if you can't manage 1/2 wave.
full wave antenna worth it? phnxdrgn536 on 5/4/24
You would get more gain but the impedance especially at the low frequencies would be unreasonably high and the antenna would not be very resonant on most ham frequencies if 2200m in length.

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