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help with antenna, tower and zoning Feb 6th 2012, 16:11 1 6,073 on 6/2/12

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help with antenna, tower and zoning ARRI719 on 6/2/12
Good morning my name is Edward Arrington KB3UKT and there are two questions I have:

1. This spring I intend on putting up a Butternut HF9V antenna in the back yard with ground radials, or using a tower along side of the house with a Butternut CPK Counterpoise kit or tuned radials. I'll be tuning with a RigExpert AA-520 Antenna Analyzer. Does anyone know how well this type of system would work elevated since most information I have found say that ground mounting and radials are the best. My son was thinking if the Antenna is elevated might radiate for better distance on transmitting and receiving? So far I've only found an account of one successful elevated mounting (

2. What are the antenna, or tower zoning restrictions in the City of Philadelphia as far as how high a tower/antenna can be above one's house?

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