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FLDIGI signal browser text length? Jan 23rd 2017, 20:26 1 6,087 on 23/1/17
Antenna Weight - Carolina Windom Mar 18th 2016, 19:59 2 5,032 on 19/3/16

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FLDIGI signal browser text length? KD6E on 23/1/17
Why does the text of the signals in my fldigi signal browser go only half way across the browser window? Is there a way to make it fill the browser window?
-Ron, KD6E
Antenna Weight - Carolina Windom KD6E on 18/3/16
I'm considering a 160 meter Carolina Windom between trees. Center about 50 foot high and ends about 20 feet. The feedline would hang about 1/2 way between the center and end with no support. What kind of sag would I get with the weight of the baluns and coax without tension so tight that might break something? Not sure I could rig up some sort of support for the feedpoint. Seems like nobody considers the weight the baluns put on an antenna. Anybody with experiance?

Ron, KD6E

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