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Honda Pilot 2012 FT-857D Install N4PJL on 23/1/12
Need Help With Coax Choice AK4NX on 23/1/12
I don't think it wil make any discernable difference over a 21 foot length of cable. Since at HF frequencies cable losses are generally specified over a 100 foot length I doubt if you could tell the difference even with a big missmatch. I use RG-8x for most everything. Its cheap and readily available. If you were running a long length then LMR-400 would be the ticket. Definitely worth the price for long runs.
W1AW transmitting without checking for clear freq brantlyjack on 23/1/12
They publish a schedule electronically and in print now just as they have done for thq past fifty years. I get it every week. They use the same frequencies and the same times. Seems to me that you could look at the schedule then look at the clock and pick a different frequency.

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