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Building A Loading Coil for Vertical Antenna Jun 16th 2021, 17:25 2 4,908 on 17/6/21
SB 200 Replacement Parts Apr 5th 2016, 02:10 2 8,099 on 5/4/16

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Building A Loading Coil for Vertical Antenna KL7YB on 16/6/21
I am building a multi band vertical antenna using aluminum tubing. I need to build a loading coil to compensate for the short section of tubing I am using. I am using 10 gage aluminum wire to make the coil, but since it is not covered, I need to create a small space to separate the turns. The coil form is 1 inch OD hi density plastic. I am thinking that the correct size threading die should work, but not sure what size or pitch should be used. If any one has a suggestion or has done this before, I'd appreciate any information available.


SB 200 Replacement Parts KL7YB on 5/4/16
Can anyone recommend a source for replacement parts for the SB 200?

I need a 1000 pF tubular ceramic 5 kv "door knob" capacitor and a .001 uF 3 kv disc ceramic capacitor.

Also need to replace the two parasitic plate chokes; probably could build my own around a couple of 50 ohm3 watt carbon resistors.

Any suggestions for source of caps will be greatly appreciated.



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