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BiCone Antenna WB2LYL on 5/11/17
Thanks again. I will read the paper/article carefully.

Best Regards, 73
BiCone Antenna WB2LYL on 4/11/17
Thanks for your help. Can you further describe how a "traveling wave structure" achieves a broad operating bandwidth? Your help is appreciated.

BiCone Antenna WB2LYL on 3/11/17
Hi All,

A BiCone Antenna is essentially a dipole antenna that has a very broad frequency bandwidth. The impedance of the BiCone Antenna is determined by the angle between the radiating elements.

Technical descriptions of the BiCone Antenna state:
"The biconical antenna has a broad bandwidth because it is an example of a travelling wave structure; the analysis for a theoretical infinite antenna resembles that of a transmission line. For an infinite antenna, the characteristic impedance at the point of connection is a function of the cone angle only and is independent of the frequency."

Can someone help me understand what a traveling wave structure is?

Wayne - WB2LYL

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