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R-7 and metal roof Sep 25th 2011, 21:02 5 7,706 on 30/8/16

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Stubs KA0LDG on 14/6/23
I've been reading about transmission line stubs for use as harmonic suppression devices. Is it possible to make stubs for the same band? For example, can you make a stub for the same band which will block signals 200KHz away? The reason I'm asking this is in regards to Field Day and operating CW and SSB on the same band ( different rigs, different antennas, spaced out, etc.). So, can a stub be made so the CW station at 14.050 Mhz doesn't cause interference to the SSB station at 14.250, or is this a bridge too far?
Kent, KA0LDG
R-7 and metal roof KA0LDG on 25/9/11
Will my Cushcraft R-7 vertical de-tune or will I have other issues if I mount it a few feet over a metal storage shed (roof is metal too)? I would rather mount it ~ 7-8 feet above the ground, so no one comes in contact with the ground counterpoise wires or any other part of the antenna. TNX!

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