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Two important functions missing in new radios ? AB3FN on 23/2/13
Why would any amateur transmitter or transceiver need such accuracy? I just pick a frequency and call CQ, or answer someone else on the frequency they are using. My only need for accuracy is to stay inside the band plan. Commercial gear doesn't even require such accuracy. Perhaps I am missing something.. Fred/WD8KNI
WSPR 24/7 WD8KNI on 23/2/13
If you look at a digital waterfall around 7.040 (use to be a QRP calling frequency) every day it gets whiter and whiter, with what looks like noise, many can't even get on the right (published) frequency so it is much broader mode than it should be. If you look at WSPR receive logs you find tens of thousands of stations operating 24 hours per day seven days per week.

In my opinion, WSPR'ing for 24/7 a day makes them 1) a beacon or 2) one way transmission, and not permitted on these frequencies (read the regs).

Even on the WSPR.NET forums, many chastise anyone using the word "Beacon" as they quote "we don't what the FCC to look at it that way" If someone mentions "one way transmission" this almost creates hate mail on those forums.

Not just QRP but the ham radio community has lost a freq to in my opinion illegal activity. It is also my opinion that the FCC need to resolve this. Just using the received station logs they could issue 100,000 citations per day. Some of these stations have been in continuously on 24/7 for months. Some are running 500+ watts to just show they are a big gun DX stations to others.

This could easily be an OO slip haven if that program worked. Another program broken for the last 15 years, as many of today's hams proudly display OO notices on their walls.

Unless I totally misread the reqs, I don't know how the ARRL could possible endorse this type of activity. Not printing any articles, regarding the proper operation of WSPR, or chastising this type of operation is a silent endorsement.

I love digital, no love for violators..

Fred / WD8KNI

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