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Clandestine End Fed Antennas Jul 30th 2012, 16:59 5 8,736 on 4/12/12

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Clandestine End Fed Antennas 0001216526H80 on 30/7/12
Thanks Zack.
Plan B now goes into effect. PVC pipe with scrap RG58 center conductor and shield shorted, installed to take the antenna out of the shack. The PVC pipe will have an end cap with a hole with a bolt and a nut to connect to the long wire.
I'll have to do the exposure test and warn the family not to go near the egress while I'm operating.
It's a small price to pay for a lot of fun.
Thanks again.
Dan Clark
Clandestine End Fed Antennas 0001216526H80 on 30/7/12
The concept of an end fed antenna is Intriguing but from what I've read and heard "It ain't worth it". Still with a tuner away from your rig, the proper grounding and some degree of luck it might work. Now for the $64 question. What effect would coax, used to insulate the wire out of the shack, have on the antenna?

Dan Clark

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