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Forum Software Suggestions WA3ZRM on 30/7/11
Quote by w1rfi

I'll defer on this one to the web folks, though. :-)

Ed Hare, W1RFI
Technical forums moderator

I just took your advice and e-mailed my Division Director. I tried to PM you but I see the software is not set-up for this.

I told Bill I feel sorry for you because you are going to be swamped once everyone realizes these forums exist ;)

I really hope they change the forum software. I'm on a ton of forums and it's driving me crazy not being able to use some advanced features.

Best 73's
Forum Software Suggestions WA3ZRM on 30/7/11
Quote by W1RFIAdmin
The software is Cupcake

Thanks for the quick reply. Any chance that it would be possible to use something like ?

If price is an issue, I know there are plenty of forum platforms in the public domain. You can check these out at


Forum Software Suggestions WA3ZRM on 30/7/11
Don't know what software you guys are using for these forums; however, it would be nice to allow users to be notified via e-mail of new posts if they so desire.

It would also be nice if members could establish their own groups or blogs within the forums.

Another nice feature would be to allow users to edit their comments in HTML... although some of that functionality may already be built into the software... I noticed that the software allows for the use of the quote command. Advanced editing features would really be a great addition!

Finally, is there a way to automatically add your signature?

Almost every forum I belong to offer these features to their users.

Bob DeMarco, WA3ZRM
ARRL Politics WA3VJB on 30/7/11
Quote by w1rfi

I know that a few of the ARRL staff and Directors are reading this forum. This forum exists because the ARRL Board wanted it created. But do NOT use this as a tool to communicate with ARRL! As these forums grow, and they will, there will soon be too many for every ARRL Director to read every post on every forum from hams outside their Divisions. There will be too many posts for every HQ staffer to read every post on every forum, or even every post in forums that could touch on their areas of professional responsibility. The communication you are assuming may not happen at all, for a large number of reasons.

Forums are great for sharing ideas. I find it valuable to listen to the ideas and viewpoints of others, as it helps me shape my own. But when all is said and done, continue to do what hams should be doing -- make your views known to your ARRL Division Directors.... snip...

IMO, I think it would be nice to have Directors and Section Manager areas on these forums. This would be a great way to directly communicate with our elected officials. Just my opinion.
Greetings from WPA WA3ZRM on 23/7/11
Just an afterthought... it would also be nice to have forum areas for ARRL Affiliated Clubs, VE's and Registered Instructors.

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