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QST View - AView For Windows 7 K3SK on 12/1/22
Here's something that might help:
QST collections prior to the 1995-1999 set use QSTView, which will not run on W10 (I have W10 Pro x64).
The QST collections 1995-1999 and 2000-2004 transitioned to AView, which WILL run on W10.
What I did was: (1) install AView from one of the two aforementioned collections; (2) re-install Aview. You'll get a message "it's already installed, do you want to add QST collections to the index?" (3) Answer yes and you can check-box what you have, all the way back to the beginning of time.
Supposedly AView will accomplish steps (2) and (3) on its own, but that didn't work for me. What I outlined did work.
The key is to have one of those two collections--the AView included in QEX, Ham Radio Magazine and Communications Quarterly don't know about QST so you can't build the index directly (or at least I couldn't).

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