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Some issues re: US Tower MA40 Apr 20th 2012, 00:36 2 7,177 on 14/6/12

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Some issues re: US Tower MA40 K7MWL on 14/6/12
update: a little WD40 on the crank shaft fixed the winch issue -- taking care not to get it on the clutch plate.
Some issues re: US Tower MA40 K7MWL on 20/4/12
I am looking for input regarding issues with my MA40 crank-up tower. US Tower has not responded to phone calls in the past, and so I'm looking to you for any help I can get.

Issue #1 The upper section moves a great deal in the wind, creating noise which is transferred to my house (house supports the tower). Is there any way to limit the movement? Or, is there any way to dampen the mounting hardware at the house?

Issue #2 The manual winch will not lower the mast any longer. Counter-clock-wise rotation used to lower it smoothly, apparently using a clutch (?), but now the handle unscrews instead. I cannot find info on the winch anywhere online. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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