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Plated antenna elements WA1DF on 29/1/16
Tinning is a form of plating that I used to use with some success on new aluminum clad steel antenna wires (8/10 AWG Solid) that were captured bya grooved 2x2" aluminum plate at the top crossarm of a special HF antenna element. The wire product name was Alumoweld® (like Copperweld®) and had to be replaced periodically in overhaul due to salt air corrosion destroying the aluminum coating. We used Penetrox brand aluminum/copper joint compound inside the joint and on the tinned wire, and sealed the edges of the 2x2 plate with RTV Silicone rubber, as this was an important joint. Using the same type of aluminum solder with flux, the top of the wire was formed to the cleaned to bright aluminum channel crossarm and soldered for electrical bond. The commercial solder and flux was called 509, and cannot remember where we bought it, but a good electrical supply house that sells aluminum or alumoweld wire should be able to get it and penetrox for you. 73 de Pat KC6VVT

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