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wire size - QRO horizontal loop Oct 30th 2011, 10:13 7 8,136 on 4/11/11

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wire size - QRO horizontal loop K7NSW on 3/11/11
Thank you. The effort you put into your reply to me is impressive. I will do some reading. Unfortunately, my fence is chain link. I doubt that I will transmit on it. I am hoping it might be a good listener. As in all things amateur, I put it up and see how it works. So also with this. Thanks again.
wire size - QRO horizontal loop K7NSW on 31/10/11
gw0nvn: thank you for your thoughts. I agree with you as to the safety issue. The antenna will be used as a receiving antenna. I was reading about long wire antennas and loops. I like the idea of lots of wire down low for a low noise antenna. I will feed it with window line via an L tuner I bought from Ten-Tec. I am thinking I will have a better chance of getting a good match to my receiver than if I end feed a random length wire. It seems that a closed loop fed in this fashion is a balanced antenna. I prefer that also. Do you think I am correct in prefering the loop to the random wire? I cannot get a longer run than 680 feet around a square and I am not looking for directivity or gain. So I am not looking for the performance of a beverage.
wire size - QRO horizontal loop K7NSW on 30/10/11
I live on an acre contained by a fence. I plan to run a single continuous wire all around the acre along the fence for a low noise level hf receiving antenna. My 45 foot tall GAP vertical is noisy as are all verticals. Using stranded copper house wire. Will feed the loop with ladder line from a tuner. Loop will be 6 feet high 685 feet around hung on ceramic insulators every 8 feet. I might want to transmit with it. Transceiver is 100 watts. My hf amplifier is capable of 1300 watts: a pair of 3-500Z tubes. What size wire? #14 or #12?

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