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Distance two antennas should be apart WV0l on 13/5/14
Something that is still stuck in my memory from my CB days is to "avoid increments, or multiples of a desired resonant wavelength" when spacing antennas. And I've been pretty-much living by that formula since.
Preferably, and if space allows, (which it seldom does), the interaction greatly diminishes over one half wavelength separation.

I've used a 40M dipole that acted more like a 2element beam due to it's proximity to an MFJ G5RV... The thing talked into Texas just peachy -- but Georgia was in a "null".
If you run a resonant ground counterpoise wire slightly to the downward side of a dipole a quarter-wavelength up, you can make a very nice NVIS out of it, with a mean directional "lobe"... I found that out the hard way too. And I kept it because It worked great!

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