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MFJ Antenna Analyzer Battery Saver Jun 6th 2012, 18:41 1 5,597 on 6/6/12
Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter Cable Apr 18th 2012, 19:41 2 8,838 on 7/6/12

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Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter Cable N2LWN on 7/6/12
I am pleased to see the 178 interested members. I just wanted to add that this software allows you to send the data in PDF format to your healthcare professional. I did and she loved the histogram and versatility of the reports. In fact my medication was altered because of it.actually it was lowered and less is always better pharmaceutically.
MFJ Antenna Analyzer Battery Saver N2LWN on 6/6/12
Twice now I have needed my MFJ Antanna Analyzer to find that the batteries were dead, because, I accidently pushed the power button and did not notice. The fix for this is easy, I used an old blown automotive or equipment fuse of the glass body type. Heat one end with a solder iron until the glue melts enough to slip the metal cap off one end. Remove or push down any filament from the other end so only glass remains. Now plug the open end into the 12 volt external supply input on top of the unit and it breaks the circuit to the batteries. an un-used coaxial jack would also serve to accomplish this safe storage method.

After throwing away 28 dead lithium bateries, I decided to adopt a safer way to store my analyzer.

I hope this simple fix helps someone avoid the push on/off power button trap.
Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Meter Cable N2LWN on 18/4/12

DB 9 Pin Female Connector: to 2.5mm Stereo Plug for Freestyle Freedom Lite 2.5mm

Plug Specifications:

DB 9 F Pin 2 RxD Receive PC In ----TO----- Tip on 2.5 mm M Plug

db 9 F Pin 3 TxD Transmit PC Out ----TO--- Ring on 2.5 mm M Plug

DB 9 F Pin 5 SG Signal Ground Common ----TO---Sleeve SG on 2.5 mm M Plug

The Co Pilot software runs at 9600 Baud and can dectect available Com Ports on Windows XP


There is a driver available for USB type cords also there but I use the USB to Serial Prolific chipset adapter.

I have seen this cable for as much as $56.00.... RIDICULOUS !

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