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Vanity Call; should I change? K1TA on 15/1/14
Well, Tom, it appears you've made your decision!

I do agree with N0NB, though, that a vanity call simply makes more sense to many of us, especially once one receives your Extra. I started my Ham "career" as N2REB as a Technician. Not a bad call, but it didn't mean anything to me. My friends kept prodding me with "Rebel Radio", but as a guy from the suburbs of NJ, it just didn't fit...

I kept that call for 12 years, before I upgraded from Advanced to Extra. I was working in that direction, either towards a 2x2, or the ultimate, a 1x2 or 2x1. Simultaneously with my upgrading to Extra, I bought my first HF rig, and decided that I wanted a shorter, or at least, more distinct call. I thought about an A-call, but nothing available struck my fancy in the "2" district. But N2LJ was available and I snapped that one up as it combines my first two initials into the call.

And yes, my old call is now in use by someone with the initials "REB"!


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