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feed line lengths Mar 29th 2020, 13:58 2 4,872 on 30/3/20
LED lamps and interferance Jan 14th 2012, 20:53 3 9,867 on 30/5/12
ADI to Cabrillo Sep 21st 2011, 21:09 5 10,534 on 11/5/14

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feed line lengths n1naz on 29/3/20
All the articles I can find on the web or have read state feed line lengths for dipoles, are the suggested feed line lengths for a loop the same?
I have a ~265’ loop at about 55’ being fed with 600-ohm open wire feed line, I’m a bit confused as to what would be the proper feed line lengths or lengths to avoid for this multi-band antenna. Can you point me in the right direction?

George N1NAZ
LED lamps and interferance n1naz on 14/1/12
Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any HF interference from the new crop of LED lamps/bulbs on the market. My fiancée (kb1fem) and I purchased one and it is giving out hash on particularly 40 meters. Could these have switch mode supply's in them? I have tried suppressing the hash with all the usual methods but with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

George - N1NAZ
ADI to Cabrillo n1naz on 21/9/11
I'm trrying to find a GOOD log file convertion program. I used HRD loging program but it only exports ADI files The arrl needs Cabrillo file formatted logs. Ive tryed DXKeeper, and BV7 but both make the Robot reject the log. Any help pwould be great

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