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G5RV Questions N3SNZ on 4/5/12
Thanks for the help. I have a better idea on how to go about this project.
I plan to "spud gun" the antenna in a tree that is better than 50 feet tall and slope it with the use of parachute cord to the ground.
As for feed line, I am going to research the suggestions given. I was thinking of using rg8-x which my local club uses extensively. Would this be ok to use for this application or am I asking for trouble and could I theoretically get away with using rg6 feed line? What kind of losses and SWR issues am I likely to see?
I had a cb friend try to pass off a box of rg58 coax but I get this weird "don't even think of using this stuff" feeling about it.

Decisions, decisions.

Thanks for your continued assistance and 73's.

Robert Schuette, N3SNZ
G5RV Questions N3SNZ on 1/5/12
Hello All,

I am in the process of rebuilding my HF station. I'm considering getting a G5RV mulitband antenna since I have some really tall trees to put it up into. I "get" the theory behind the antenna and a tuner is a nessecity but beyond that, I'm confused on a few things. Here goes:

1. The G5RV is fed with twin lead ladder line and connected to coax into the tuner. Should not a balun be placed in between the ladder line and the coax?

2. I plan to use the G5RV as a sloper. How high should the terminating mast be or can I pound a post into the ground and tie it off there??

3. What is the best coaxial line to use with this and what is the best tuner to use with a G5RV for optimum results? I am building this station on a budget so a tuner for a FT-9000DX is out of the question.

Thanks and 73's

Bob Schuette, N3SNZ

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