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Field Day back to it's roots Feb 25th 2021, 12:25 5 5,070 on 3/3/21
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Field Day back to it's roots on 26/2/21
I'm aware WFD is not an ARRL event. I'm also aware of the intent of Field Day hence the name of the original post.
I was not aware the no one @ ARRL makes the rules for field day. I have contacted my division director.
What's the purpose of the forum section on the ARRL website if not to discuss ARRL sanctioned events?
Field Day back to it's roots on 25/2/21
Lots of comments in the FB groups about how Field Day has been massively corrupted from it's original intent. Although limiting PEP is a very small step in the right direction, allowing the use of permanent home stations is still a perversion of it's original intent.
Many, including myself believe permanent home stations should be prohibited entirely from participating. In 13 consecutive ARRL Field Days and 6 consecutive Winter Field Days I have seen a major shift in the amount of home stations on the log. 75% of my logged contacts from WFD in January were home stations and almost 70% of the logged contacts last June were from home stations. Yes I understand Covid19....but that has NOTHING to do with the intent of Field Day. Lots of people just disconnected from their house power and permanent antennas and set up in their yard or garage and used a battery pack and temporary antennas....that's perfect as it's still within the spirit of the event.

Can ARRL rethink their ruling and prohibit fixed, home stations from participating in an event that's specifically stated by ARRL as recent as 2017 that it's an event designed to set up and functional communication station where one doesn't currently exist. Home stations DO NOT remotely fit in that definition.
Upgraded to General on 18/6/14
I looked on the FCC site but could not find an answer.
I just passed my General (yea me!) and was wondering if my license automatically renewed when it's filed with the FCC.

My Technician license is/was set to expire in October this year.


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