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Extra Class Vanity Nonavailability Oct 13th 2018, 12:47 5 7,296 on 29/4/19

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Extra Class Vanity Nonavailability 0006024559H80 on 13/10/18
After diligently pursuing my Extra Class license, I had hoped to get a vanity call that is commensurate with it. It appears that the FCC restricts the availability of non active calls based on some kind of doled out process. Getting a 1X2 or 2X1 call is now a game of chance based on when a group of calls becomes available, and if you don't apply on the day of availability, you lose automatically.

Even if you do apply on the day of availability, it is a crap shoot between you and any number of others for the few calls available.

This seems to be a deliberate process of restriction aimed at those who put forth the effort to get that highest of Amateur Radio goals.

I have also noticed that the league is silent on the subject. With nearly 50 years as a Life member, I find it very disappointing.

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