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$300 HackRF dongle vs. $41 Ham it up? 0001490519H80 on 26/7/19
I've been looking at the Hack RF myself as an alternative to transverters for some of the VHF / UHF bands that have little commercially available equipment (222 MHz,, 902 MHz., etc.). I'm assuming the Hack RF's power output is on the order of milliwatts & would need a LOT of amplification to be usable; I'm also guessing that the receive performance would be comparable to some of the wideband scanner radios available; has anyone used the Hack RF successfully as a transceiver (even VERY QRP) in this manner?
All U Lucky Bird Op's 0001582470H80 on 12/6/19
Why not let the FCC know about it? - Make some recordings, get some antenna headings & submit the info to the FCC & perhaps also ARRL volunteer monitors. If we don't defend our "turf", the intrusions will only get worse. Years ago, I & another ham in our club PERSONALLY "nailed" a couple of foul-mouthed teens messing up our 2 M. repeater (they picked up an HT a club member forgot at a local Dunkin Donuts). Spoofing their CB-style operation (this was near the peak of the "10-4 Good Buddy" wackiness), we talked them into coming back to the Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee, while I tracked them with a DF antenna. When we saw them pull up into the parking lot, I walked up their car with my Sony 8mm camcorder (state-of-the-art back then) & said, "Hi! You're now on videotape with an illegal radio!." (The shocked "caught with my hand in the cookie jar" look on the teen's face was PRICELESS!). When my companion started mentioning possible $10 K FCC fines, the kids couldn't hand the HT back fast enough, so the club member got his HT back as well. ;) Tom WA1LBK
Saudi FM Sat Tracking Software on 12/6/19
M0LES, is the Orbitron software Windows 10 compatible? (Notice he mentions compatibility up to VIsta).
What other satellite tracking software is out there currently? Just considering getting back into satellites (a new IC-9700 in the shack is good incentive!); used to operate satellites back in the "glory days" of fantastic-performing AO-13. ;) Tom, WA1LBK
FT8 AG5P on 30/5/19
Thanks for the quick reply, Mark. :) I can see the point where it may be useful trying to rack up DXCC or WAS quickly digitally, & how it could become popular in that respect. Still, I was somewhat amazed that after a few day's monitoring, saw nothing really resembling a "normal" conversational QSO. I also heard that PSK31 usage is down substantially due to FT8's popularity. I don't have a suitable transmit antenna up at the moment for 20 M., still may give FT8 a try once I do. ;)

FT8 AG5P on 30/5/19
Formerly inactive OT, have operated RTTY & PSK31 in the past, just bought a new IC-7300 & interfaced it to my PC. Just starting to explore FT8, been monitoring 14.075; QSO's simply seem to consist of nothing more than grid square exchanges. Is THAT all it is?

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