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Can a dipole antenna be folded on a roof to make it fit wb3hus on 29/4/21
Hi Rich! Specifics will depend on the folding pattern. SWR may be considerably different from the expected 70-odd ohms. Performance will be impaired; how much, again, depends on the folding pattern. If you have the bad luck to fold it such that the RF cancels out, it might be pretty useless. You could try modeling it in a free version of NEC, or just install it & find out empirically. Personally, I'd consider trying 40 first. Be a lot easier to install, require less bending, and take up less space. My house is roughly 26' x 26', and I think folding an 80M dipole to fit that roof, and still have decent performance, would be tough. But, I've neither modeled nor tried it. Good luck!

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