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Dipole in trees a fire hazard? Jun 6th 2020, 15:52 5 4,556 on 8/6/20

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Dipole in trees a fire hazard? AJ4CG on 6/6/20
Zack - thanks for the reply but I am trying to understand if there is a fire risk.
Dipole in trees a fire hazard? AJ4CG on 6/6/20
I live in a heavily wooded are in Georgia. The lot my house is on is very steep with tall trees making antenna work difficult. I have a 135 foot wire dipole in the trees fed by 450 ohm ladder line than I use on most HF bands besides 160 Meters. The antenna has become partially covered by vines on one leg. I know this will result in an imbalance. I prefer to operate RTTY at 500 Watts for contests. I have stopped operating out of concern that the Dipole could be a fire hazard. Is this a hazard of am I being overly concerned?
Tnx, de Mike AJ4CG

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