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Digital QST crashes constantly on iPad3 Dec 21st 2012, 15:01 11 10,220 on 26/2/19

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New ARRL website / changes? PE1HZG on 5/4/22
I did manage to eventually get the web site login working. The first few times it had my account info correct but someone else's name and section showed up on the top of the pages, though the rest was right. That eventually straightened out.

The iOS digital magazine app login wasn't working. It now works but with the old password (that I had tried and didn't work all weekend). So I expect this will eventually break when they sync the passwords to the new site password database. The ARRL site online magazine reading also uses this old password as of now.

This has certainly been quite the experience on how not to do this, I'd say.
Digital QST crashes constantly on iPad3 K9AO on 21/12/12
I am using a fully updated (iOS 6) iPad 3 with 64 GB or memory (wireless and Verizon 4g) that constantly crashes when reading QST. I've been on my wireless connection for the crashes.

The steps to cause the crash are as follows:

Select a QST to read.
Select read (not download).
Begin reading.
Swipe to turn pages quickly as if you are returning to the place last read.
After a few fast page turns, the app crashes back to the desktop.

I do see the cache holding what was read.

I can see this behavior every time I am in reading (not download mode, I haven't tested the failure in download so it may be there too) and it happens after a bunch of fast page turns every time.

QST looks great on the iPad by the way. Really nice. But we need to get the iPad app fixed.

No issues on the iPad other than the QST app.

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