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Remote Stations count for DXCC K8YYY on 23/1/15
Larry Fravel K8YYY - Only contacts made from your station - not some remote super station - should ever count for Honor Roll, DXCC,WAS,WAC, WAZ, any contest award, or any other thing like those. I have spent since 1986 getting to where with one more outstanding QSL card I will finally be able to make the honor roll on Phone. I sweated out contacts, chased DXpeditions and fought pile ups to get there on all the above. I do not have a super station or a lot of big antennas. I started out with a home made rotatable dipole for 10 meters and confirmed 258 countries - some even rare DX by fighting to get through the pile ups. I worked my butt off to achieve these awards and now the League says that Remote Station QSO's can count. and all you have to do is not even have your own rig but just log onto some site via your computer and start working countries. Makes me want to rethink being a life member. This is completely ridculous. Looks like 160 meter DXCC can be had for a log in now. I will continue to do it the old fashioned way. I will earn it and when I do I will hold my head up proudly and look anyone in the eye and say I did it the way it should be done. If live in an antenna restricted area that is your choice. You want to work DX find someplace you can put up antennas. You had to know that would be problem when a) you either got your license or b) had a license and moved there anyway. Don't trivialize the efforts of everyone including me that took the time to do it the way it should be done - by setting up a station - big or small and actually working to get the award.

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