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Favorite Rigs For QRP Contesting? KX9X on 11/7/15
Hello Sean,

Although not the best rig to use when I operate straight key I use my first rig, the Heathkit HW-9. For other operating I use the Yaesu FT817ND.

Best 72
copy with one hand & send with the other tuulen on 11/7/15
Having fractured my right wrist a couple times from roller skating, those wood floors are not forgiving when falling, I had to learn to write and sign my name left handed while my right wrist healed (back in the day when credit/debit cards were not as proliferated as they are today, when checks were used). I can copy to paper with my left hand but not as fast as with my right. These days I use a laptop with plain text editor, such as gedit (I'm a Linux user) and type in what I copy because I can't write or print at my comfortable copy speed.

A few years back, before I could copy any where near the speed of one of my CW mentors (Bill, WB9LBI) I watched Bill sending with his left hand and copying with his right. I am still learning this when the code is send slow enough.

Best 72/73, Terry
CQ C TTET KO5Q on 11/7/15
Could the sender be using a bug or straight key? Maybe QLF?
best way to learn Morse Code - update KI6HQL on 11/7/15
Hello Bart,

I am, also, 68. I have been teaching CW since 1988. When I learned CW in 1985 before receiving my Novice ticket in 1986 I learned CW the incorrect way (my opinion). First at 5 wpm, then at 13 wpm for the General ticket, and 20 wpm for the 20 wpm proficiency exam. It was a struggle. Each step I basically had to retrain my ear all over. In 1988 I read an article about the Farnsworth Method of learning CW from one the popular ham radio periodicals. I began learning and teaching with this method. I've been successful with this method with many hams wanting to learn CW as long as they followed my daily practice routine of 2 fifteen minute practice sessions per day until the next CW class.

So from the get go my students learn the character at 20 wpm copy speed; I use long spacing between character to give their ear/brain coordination time to decipher the character. After the entire list of characters has been introduced/learned by the student the gap between each sent character is lessened in order to gain copy speed.

72/73 KB8AMZ, Terry
Remote contesting K8OT on 11/7/15
I agree.

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