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QST Digital Version - Got to be a better way KB2HF on 21/1/13
I've got a Kindle HD 8.9-inch and I subscribe to four other digital magazines that I read on the device. Three use the Zinio reader and one is a hi-res PDF. All four look great, with crisp type and good photos, and I can use the pinch method to enlarge the text to whatever size I want for easy reading. I really enjoy reading these mags on my Kindle. On the other hand, the Nxtbook reader required for the digital QST is crappy...the text is soft, even when using the single zoom setting that is available (which is also a huge limitation). The quality doesn't look much better on my desktop PC with a 24-inch monitor. As a result, I just don't even bother to fool with the digital QST. I just recently I got an e-mail from the ARRL asking if I wanted to opt out of the print edition and go exclusively to the digital version. As long as they stay with this pathetic e-reader application I will never do that.


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