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AM Carrier Level on Kenwood TS-2000 Aug 16th 2015, 12:52 6 10,360 on 24/2/16

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AM Carrier Level on Kenwood TS-2000 W2NJU on 24/2/16
In the carrier set mode turning the carrier level all the way down takes the unmodulated xmtr output to 0 watts. Raising the level to about "16" will get the unmodulated carrier to 25 watts. Increasing to a setting on "25" will activate the first pip on the ALC meter and continude cranking of the knob will yield no further increase in power. The take away seem to be basically: Key AM Transmitter, no audio, raise carrier level till you see 25 watts output. Stop. You're done.
AM Carrier Level on Kenwood TS-2000 W2NJU on 19/8/15
Hi Bob. Kenwood does not specify what "50" or any value selected for carrier level is. For all I know, it may be an arbitrary number .Disturbing that a potentially damaging value is resident as their default setting. Many operators would not notice this, unless they were specifically looking for it.
AM Carrier Level on Kenwood TS-2000 W2NJU on 16/8/15
I noticed what I think is a dangerous quirk in the TS-2000 for guys that operate AM. In the default setting, the carrier level is set at "50." This is way too high, from what I know. If you go to the carrier setting (FUNC/CAR) you'll see the shaded area is way too deep at "50." According to the manual, Kenwood says to adjust carrier level until the pip in the ALC area just starts to show. Does this make sense and can someone explain carrier level? I don't recall seeing it in the exam pool and manual is extremely vaugue. Yet setting this too high, I'm told, will cook your finals. On my rig the correct setting appears to be about "25." HALF the default setting.

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