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Replacing HAM-M with HAM 4 in Tri-Ex LM354 Jun 17th 2018, 18:19 1 5,198 on 17/6/18

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Replacing HAM-M with HAM 4 in Tri-Ex LM354 W7FSI on 17/6/18
My HAM M has pretty much died as in No Brake whatsoever. I have a nice nearly new HAM 4 that I want to install when tower is Cranked down to 20 plus feet. Problem is I would like to leave the Tribander and 6 meter beam and 2 meter beam on the 16 foot mast in place on the Tower supported by the Thrust Bearing and Huh??....while I take out the old HAM-M and slip in the new HAM-4.

I am looking for helpful hints and tips on how to support and or brace the the Mast and Antennas while changing out the Rotor.....I am certain it can be done I just have not been able to find any help on line. I sure hope I can do this without removing three fairly large Beams and a double thickness mast.

Helpful suggestions, tips and any other help greatly appreciated.

Stanley, IDAHO

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