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Kite Antennas WB7AGN on 9/1/23
This is helpful, thanks! I do remember reading that there is a point of diminishing returns for vertical wire lengths.
Kite Antennas WB7AGN on 8/1/23
A QST article years ago about a 160M vertical is what got me interested in kite antennas. I've had a little experience with them during POTA activations, but more failures than triumphs. The challenge is always so many moving parts (kite string, transmission line, transceiver controls, etc.).

Here's my question: assuming all other factors are equal, would an antenna attached to a kite (like a Hamstick dipole, for example) be a more effective radiator than a long wire kept nearly vertical from the ground to the kite?

The W6KOA ("Kites On Air") QRZ page list one of their antennas as a 20M horizontal dipole, fed by lightweight coax. Let's say the kite that was carrying the dipole was 100' up in the air. Would that arrangement radiate the signal more effectively than 100' of wire lifted by the same kite straight up (and also properly grounded.)

Thanks ahead of time and 73!

John, N7AGN

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