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Unun or common mode choke Mar 19th 2015, 18:55 5 7,354 on 20/3/15

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Unun or common mode choke kd8azo on 20/3/15
OK Zack, I appreciate the help and info. I have passed it along to a few friends who had similar questions.

73 and may God bless.
Unun or common mode choke kd8azo on 19/3/15
Thanks for the quick reply Zack. Well, it was marketed as and I bought it as a 1:1 unun, made for amateur antennas. It is pvc pipe with a cap on each end, an SO-239 at the bottom and a connection point on each side. My understanding of 1:1 is that the impedance is not changed. So what would be its purpose? I thought about using it because the half sloper antenna is unbalanced, as is the coax, therefore the use of the unun would apply. So, in your opinion, would this also serve as a common mode choke?

Unun or common mode choke kd8azo on 19/3/15
I put up a half sloper antenna 2-3 years ago with a homebrew common mode choke (12 wraps of RG8X around a plastic coffee can) at the feed point as a preventative measure. I'm thinking about replacing the choke with a commercially made 1:1 unun. Will the unun perform the same function? Thanks in advance for the help.


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