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Galaxy 5 Mark 3; need copy of manual jlinsenb on 23/11/13
I have it available. Send me an e-mail to

Pete, wa2cwa
Digital QST Survey on 29/8/13
Quote by 9V1DB

I understand the answer WA2CWA provided to NS5B's question concerning access to old QST if a member leaves ARRL. However, when I downloaded the most recent QST to my desktop, it still required my ID/PW in order to view it. Are you confirming that my ID/PW would continue to allow access to my old desktop versions even if I was no longer an ARRL member?


PS, I have no intention of leaving but just wanted to clarify the issue.

I didn't try it, but requiring ID info sort of makes sense to me although it means, I guess, you couldn't read them if you were off-line. I guess that would kill any non-member access. That's probably a question for someone at the ARRL that administers the digital version. In looking at the ARRL store, one can purchase a year's worth of QST and other periodicals (2011 and 2012 currently shown) on CD/DVD.

Pete, wa2cwa
Digital QST Survey on 28/8/13
Quote by NS5B
I had a question along the same lines as Dino.

If a member pays the $39.00, they will get a full year membership, and 12 issues of QST to read them whenever they choose. If 5 years later, they want to read a back issue, they have it available to read...again...whenever they like. Even if they are no longer a member.

My question is: if a member opts out of getting the "printed" version of QST, and wants the DIGITAL version of QST only, it still cost the same and they also get 12 digital issues for their $39.00. BUT...if 5 years later, the same digital QST only member wants to read a back issue...and happens to NOT be a member at the time...what happens to the digital QST that they PAID for?? If you have to log in to read them, do you still have access to them if your not a member, even though you WERE when you received them? If not, WHY?

Thanks, 73
Steve - NS5B

When you become a member of ARRL, you get a number of benefits, including the membership journal in print and/or digital form. You're not buying a subscription just to QST. In 5 years, if you're no longer a member, your entitlement to any member benefits, current or past, should be null and void.

If you get the digtial edition now, you do have the option to save the entire monthly file to your desktop.

Pete, wa2cwa

From the Join ARRL/Renew Membership Page:
As a member of the ARRL, for as little as $39.00 per year, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

QST Magazine – your monthly membership journal
Online Services –
QST online monthly digital edition
QST Archive and Periodical Search
Product Review Archive
Email forwarding
E-Newsletters – delivered to your inbox
A voice in the affairs of ARRL and ham radio through locally appointed volunteers
Publication Specials and on-line course discounts
Emergency Communication Services
Technical and Regulatory Information Services
Operating Awards
Ham Radio Equipment Insurance Plan Available
Outgoing Foreign QSL Service
Plus much more!
eBooks K6DMB on 22/8/13
No problem .Lots of great and useful information on the ARRL web site. The Site Index is a quick and easy way to find all sorts of information there.

Pete, wa2cwa
eBooks K6DMB on 21/8/13
According to the ARRL web site, this Company in Singapore carries ARRL publications:

10 Jalan Besar B1-39
Sim Lim Tower, , SINGAPORE
Phone: ( ) 291-4595

You can also go here:

and find other countries that carry ARRL publications.

Pete, wa2cwa

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