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Digital QST crashes KO8V on 17/3/19
This crash problem has been ongoing, for me, for several months now.
Only recourse is to access the digital edition on-line via a web browser. Let the edition of choice load fully then choose the "Print" option which will reload (slowly) the full content, then "Print" it as a PDF.
Then you can upload the pdf to a reader on your iPad/phone/whatever.
A true PITA but it gets it done.

For those of us with legacy iPads and other older electronics, this may be the only course of action when (or if) PageSuite ever makes a fix available.

Oh, BTW, in trying to find a solution I lost all editions from my Library so now I get to go back through the online archives and reload, this slow way, any that I decide I want available on my iPad.
-Edit- Elapsed time to prepare for print of the March 2019 issue (148 pages) was approximately 22 minutes. PDF creation took about 45 seconds. Dump to iPad ~30 seconds.

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