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W1AW transmitting without checking for clear freq Jan 21st 2012, 02:51 5 7,191 on 24/1/12

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W1AW transmitting without checking for clear freq brantlyjack on 24/1/12
Hi John,

In response to your email regarding W1AW’s code practice transmissions.

W1AW is the only station that operates under the provisions of 97.113(d). These rules were written by FCC staff years ago specifically to permit W1AW to continue to provide CW practice and information bulletins to the Amateur Radio community. The rules require that the station transmit CW practice and information bulletins for at least 40 hours per week, schedule operation on at least six MF and HF bands using reasonable measures to maximize coverage, and publish the schedule of normal operating times and frequencies at least 30 days in advance of the actual transmissions.

In order to conform to the rule it is necessary for W1AW to operate in accordance with the published schedule. Therefore, I must be on those published frequencies and at their published times.

Aside from technical or weather-related issues that would otherwise prevent me from being on-air at our scheduled frequencies and times, I must abide by our published schedule. I cannot arbitrarily make a change (frequency, time, mode, date, etc.) without giving 30 days advanced notice.

I understand this explanation may not sit well with some amateurs. My only hope is that they understand the overall mission of W1AW. And, that while we use and publish these frequencies, obviously we don’t claim to own them.

Thank you for writing.


Joseph Carcia, NJ1Q

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W1AW transmitting without checking for clear freq brantlyjack on 22/1/12
It's hard to believe no one has commented on this post.
W1AW transmitting without checking for clear freq brantlyjack on 21/1/12
Why is it that W1AW can begin broadcasting without checking if the frequency is in use?

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