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Microwave Band Plan Input Form

Microwave Band Plan Input Form

You may know other Amateurs or groups who are using – or have plans to use –  the 6 cm and 3 cm bands.  Please share this request for input with them and encourage them to respond.  We’re not tallying “votes”, so collective input from user groups will be more helpful and faster to compile than multiple copies of the same data from individual group members.

We ask that you record your own input, whether as an individual or representing a group, using the accompanying reply format in order to help speed the compiling of the responses. Please complete a separate form for each frequency range for which you provide input. Our current task covers the 6 cm and 3 cm bands.  If you feel the need to provide more lengthy explanations or discussion, please see “Submitting Additional Information” below.

(Column 1) the general frequency range of each activity, in decimal megahertz

(Column 2) the mode or modulation type employed, using common descriptors such as FM voice, ATV or video, high-speed data, weak-signal digital, etc., or FCC designators

(Column 3) the approximate bandwidth in kilohertz of an individual signal and the number of simultaneous signals needed to perform the function or application

(Column 4) A description of the function or activity, such as repeater control, D-star data link, satellite input / output, real-time video, voice repeater output, EME, weak-signal terrestrial, etc.

(Column 5) Whether the activity is current (“C”), under development (“D”) or proposed for the future (“F”)

(Column 6) Reasons for selecting a specific band or segment for the activity and/or any conditions that would preclude conducting the activity in another segment of the same band or on a different band, such as operating limits of modified commercial gear, noise between xxx and yyy MHz from adjacent non-Amateur bands, frequency restrictions faced by operators in other countries / regions, unique propagation characteristics, existing satellite frequencies, etc.

If Applicable

From-To (Column 1)

(Column 2)

(Column 3)

(Column 4)

(Column 5)

(Column 6)


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