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Amateur Radio Quiz: Book ’Em!


By H. Ward Silver, N0AX

The great tradition of self-learning and mutual education is alive and well at the outset of Amateur Radio’s second century. The success of that tradition leans heavily on the books -- and now websites -- of amateurs willing to share their radio know-how with others. This month’s quiz touches on publications from yesterday and today, in honor of the many authors from whom we learn.

1) When was The ARRL Antenna Book first published?
a. 1915
b. 1925
c. 1939
d. 1946

2) In 1942, the ARRL published a “Special Defense Edition” of which publication?
a. The Amateur Radio Licensing Manual
b. The ARRL Antenna Book
c. The ARRL Handbook
d. Learning Morse Code

3) Antennas -- a leading text on antenna theory that is still in print today -- was written by which well-known amateur?
a. Kraus
b. Yagi
c. Lawson
d. Leeson

4) Don Lancaster’s popular series of design guides have what word in their title?
a. About
b. Cookbook
c. Handbook
d. Applications

5) What was the call sign of Bill Orr, author of the Radio Handbook?
a. K2GL
b. W0DX
c. W6SAI
d. W1BB

6) Complete the title of Bob Locher’s, W9KNI, popular book The Complete _____________.
a. DX’er
b. Amateur
c. QRPer
d. Idiot

7) Which type of DXing is covered in ON4UN’s book?
a. VHF
b. 10 meters
c. Low band
d. Long path

8) Who was the original creator of The Second Op DXing reference aid?
a. W9IOP
b. W6AM
c. W4BPD
d. W4KFC

9) Match the author’s call sign with the topic of their best-known publication or publications:
a. K1BV          e. Transmission lines
b. DJ9ZB         f. DXCC
c. W2DU         g. Electronic design
d. W1FB         h. Awards

10) K7LXC and K4ZA have both published books dealing with which topic?
a. Amplifiers
b. Propagation
c. Contesting
d. Towers

Bonus Question: What type of antenna is John Kraus, W8JK, best known for?

1) C
2) C
3) A -- Dr John Kraus, W8JK
4) B -- Don’s TTL Cookbook was one of the most popular electronics books ever published.
5) C
6) A
7. C -- This is an excellent resource for aficionados of the bands below 14 MHz.
8) A -- The distinctive wheel of Larry LeKashman’s invention was an instant hit.
9) a-h, b-f, c-e, d-g
10) d -- Up the Tower and Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs, respectively.

Bonus Answer: The end-fire bi-directional 8JK array antenna was designed by John Kraus, W8JK.



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